Pammacaristos Children’s Foundation is located at Nea Makri – Marathon – Greece, and has been providing social care and education to children and adolescents since 1953.

A variety of services regarding education, social welfare and vocational training have been established during these years and more than 5.000 children and young people with various problems have been provided for by the Foundation.

Since 1980 the Foundation has been specializing in providing a variety of services regarding education, social welfare and vocational training to children and young people with:

  • Autism spectrum Disorders
  • Cognitive/mental deficiencies
    • Speech, language and communication difficulties
    • Attention disorders
    • Combination of the above disabilities

At present the Foundation provides services to approximately 120 individuals of an age range of   3-30 years, who come from all over Greece. About 25 of them are boarders and the rest semi-boarders commuting daily with the buses of the Foundation.


The units that the students can attend are as follows:

Kinder garden
Two age – groups for children in which a small number of children with high needs have been intergrated.
1st Public Primary Special School:
There are 12 groups of children with disabilities aged 6-14 years

Public Special Workshops:
There are 8 groups of young people with disabilities aged 14-25 years.

Daily Living Educational Group
Consists of four groups of ten young people of 16-30 years of age each

Weaving, Handcrafts, Pottery, Cold Ceramics, Cooking workshops, for young people with autism and cognitive/mental deficiencies (mental retardation) of 16-30 years of age.